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Working Cats

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This sub-section looks at more cats who work for their living. They are not so numerous as once they were, when probably the majority of theatres, hotels, shops, factories, post offices and all kinds of other commercial establishment had their resident mouser, but there are still cats to be found in many working environments, from railway stations to pubs.

For some working cats we already have separate entries in the main Featuring Felines section, grouped under various headings — those in libraries, churches, museums and clinics, as well as those who worked with land, sea or air forces during wartime.

Other working cats can be found in our Famous Felines section, as for one reason or another they became more well known than the average feline employee. There we have included Towser, Barley and others who worked in Scotch whisky distilleries — Towser holds the world record for the number of mice caught in a lifetime. There are Simon, probably the most noted working ship's cat of modern times; Colin's, who lived at a New Zealand tanker terminal; various cats who worked at Britain's Home Office and Number 10 Downing Street; and Dewey Readmore Books, formerly of Spencer Library, Iowa.

Here we record other cats, both past and present, from different working environments.


Cats in Entertainment & Media

Cats in Films & TV
Theatre Cats

Hotel Cats

Feline bed-warmers in Wabasha, Minnesota
Kaspar of the famed Savoy Hotel in London
Matilda of the Algonquin Hotel, New York
Two French luxury-hotel cats: Carmen of Nice, and Fa-Raon and Kléopatre of Paris
The Bigelow Cats of Stonehurst Manor, New Hampshire

Police Cats

Pringles and Sammy Pickles at the County Sheriff's Office, Newberry, South Carolina
Eco with the police at Hamilton, Massachusetts 1998-2009
Deputy Jade and Mister Meanor from Lumberton, Texas and Lindenhurst, Illinois
Reagan, Fang, Undercover Fred and Rusik

See also PC Tizer in Rail Station Cats below

Post Office Cats

From England and America – Tommy Postoffice, Sammy, Beezley + Charlie, and MJ

Rail Station Cats

Railway Cats from Britain
Animal stationmasters have become something of a trend in Japan: Tama was the first cat
Tiddles - Paddington Station, London
PC Tizer - King's Cross Station Transport Police, London

Shop & Store Cats

Store cat Socks at the Bournville Garden Centre, near Birmingham
Shop cats from Poland
Fup of Portland, Oregon - and Dori, the bookstore cat from Florida
Tom of the hardware store at Conrad, Iowa


Service cat Patch from Corpus Christi, Texas
Mayor Stubbs of Talkeetna, Alaska
More political felines - Tuxedo Stan and Earl Grey of the Tuxedo Party in Canada + Morris of Mexico
Adopted by staff at the UK's Manchester Airport, Olly also had a plane named after her
'Stig of the Dump' at Inverness + Tom of Merryfield Pottery at Torquay, Devon
American secret agent Misty + Chester from Poland

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Our featured feline at the head of the page is Socks, pictured in 2003 surveying his 'estate' in the early morning sunshine. Affectionately known as Soxy, he blossomed from a thin and hungry stray into a substantial and handsome cat who loved life and company, and his gentle ways endeared him to many friends. He is no longer with us, but you can read more from his human companion here.

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