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Feline Fun

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Some light-hearted stuff about or involving cats we hope will divert and entertain. There are quotations about our feline friends, online jigsaws and games, and many photos throughout. We plan to include drawings, cartoons and any other suitable material we come across. Contributions welcome!

Additions to our gallery of British inn signs featuring cats, or to the Fun Photos, also gratefully received — .

Scroll further down the contents list below and you'll also find a few links to external sites with more fun stuff, such as the Simon's Cat videos.


Fun Photos
Our feline friends in amusing situations or in poses to brighten the day


Online Jigsaw Puzzles
Ten puzzles using the JigZone applet and our own photos of cats

Interactive Crossword Puzzle
Only one so far, but we aim to add more

Pairs Game
Test your memory concentration and match the pairs of pictures


British Pub Signs featuring Cats

A short history of British inn signs
and introduction to our gallery

Photo Galleries of Pub Signs with Cats
Our galleries include images of inn signs from all over the country, with over 80 pictured.
Each entry accompanied by a brief description with location,
and many also include a photo of the pub itself.

Cats that Got Away
Signs which 'lost' their cats, inns that changed their names, etc

Alphabetic index to our gallery entries
Links here take you straight to the relevant entry in the photo galleries

Notes and Anecdotes
Additional information about particular 'cat signs' or pubs

Elsewhere on the site, follow the adventures of feline pub-crawler
So far he's personally visited more than 80 pubs
in Scotland and England


Cat Quotations

Quotes 1
Appreciation of Cats

Quotes 2
Nature of Cats
Cats' Attitude

Quotes 3
Cat Communication
Proverbs & Sayings
Sleeping Cats


Simon's Cat is still causing mayhem!

Simon's Cat videos

If you're among the millions who've enjoyed the previous titles, you won't be disappointed with Simon Tofield's more recent video illustrations of life with his cat, such as Double Trouble and Cat Nap.
Take this link for all titles - past, present and new releases
as well as access to details of the three Simon's Cat books, and much more.

An interview with Simon in which he talks about his animations is here.

Extra: YouTube contributor derrobsi set up a camera overnight to see what his cat (Miss Schlampi)
got up to while he was asleep. The speeded-up result is almost Simon's Cat in the flesh. Take a look.



Cats, by Ferry Halim, Orisinal.com

The expression 'Like herding cats' means something is almost impossible to achieve,
and now you really can try herding some! CATS is a challenging online game
by Flash guru Ferry Halim of the award-winning Orisinal.com.


Speaking of herding cats . . . well, just click the pic (video, 1 min).

Cat Herders video


Catz was billed at YouTube as
'Probably the Funniest Cat Video You'll Ever See' —
judge for yourself.

YouTube Catz



How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas - video

Flippy was, and still is, one of the best known of YouTube cats, belonging to Canadian domino artist 'Flippycat', whose many amusing clips of Flippy, as well as of his carefully constructed domino shows, have gained a very large following. His shows often featured Flippy — as an observer or sometimes starting the 'domino effect' by toppling the first piece. How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas was released at the end of 2009, but became a huge hit as 2010 progressed, the most popular of all the Flippy films by a long way. But by the time of its greatest popularity Flippy was sadly no more. His owner posted a touching tribute in his own unique style (a different view of it is here).
RIP Flippy.


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Our featured feline at the head of the page, having quite a lot of fun, is Ragamuffin, or Rags for short: sadly he's no longer with us. A cat of great character who seemed to live by the maxim 'Life is for living', it was devastating for me when that life was cut short by a road accident. A rescue cat, he lived with me in North Wales for less than four years only. You can see a little tribute to him here with a more flattering photo.

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