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Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Below is a collection of jigsaws to solve online, created from some of our own images. You need to have Java enabled for The JigZone applet to work.

The puzzle displayed within the page here features one of my own cats, Midge (looking quite angelic, which she isn't always!), and consists of 48 pieces in the classic shape. Our other puzzles can be selected by clicking on one of the thumbnails below.

You can try any puzzle with different-shaped pieces and more (or fewer) pieces by clicking the Change Cut link in the side menu for a variety of choices — some of these are very challenging!

When you're done, try another of our jigsaws. Either click one of the thumbnails below, or the link to the side for More Puzzles (appears once you have completed a puzzle) which takes you to our gallery at the JigZone.

Move pieces around by clicking with your mouse button and dragging them. When a piece fits with another, it will snap into place when released. Once pieces are joined correctly they won't come apart, and can then be dragged around the puzzle area together (you may need to do this if some become hidden behind others; but clicking on any part of a partially hidden piece will bring it to the front; or alternatively click the Shuffle Pieces link in the side menu which will move everything around).

If you enjoy the JigZone, a Puzzle of the Day can be emailed to you daily.

Have fun!

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Choose another puzzle by clicking one of the thumbnails below,
or direct from the PnF gallery at the JigZone

(please note that the JigZone site carries advertising and possibly popups —
sorry, this is beyond our control)

Midge Inscrutable -- Blackie Dreaming of speed -- Micky Contortions -- Ragamuffin Winter night -- Tabs



Dreaming of speed


Winter night

Squeeeezed -- Maggie Tractor ride -- Poppy Time to get up -- Midge Nightwatch -- Pushkin Teknocat -- Soxy


Tractor ride

Time to get up?



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Our featured feline at the head of the page, having quite a lot of fun, is Ragamuffin, or Rags for short: sadly he's no longer with us. A cat of great character who seemed to live by the maxim 'Life is for living', it was devastating for me when that life was cut short by a road accident. A rescue cat, he lived with me in North Wales for less than four years only. You can see a little tribute to him here with a more flattering photo.

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