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Featuring Felines

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Featuring Felines includes real-life stories and adventures about cats. In many cases, such as the various snippets we've come across about cats in wartime, the available information is quite limited and too short to make a 'Famous' page. Or it might be that the cat's or cats' fame has been limited just to their local area — by including them here we'll hope to spread it a little wider. Any suggestions for inclusion are always welcome.


Cats' Adventures & Travels

White cat Seamus — kayaker and cyclist
Jesse Knott rescued Koshka from abuse in a combat zone of Afghanistan – in turn the cat also rescued him

Two more cats rescued by their soldiers from Afghanistan - Mousetrap + Tinker Bell
With Ted Brady, Pikachu took a 10-month cycling tour across the States
Brother and sister kittens Puce and Guiton crossed the Atlantic on a tiny, primitive raft
From the Swiss Alps - Tomba the mountaineering cat

Biker cats Rastus and Motor Cat - from New Zealand and Washington DC respectively
Cats riding trains: Percy from Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Bus travellers: Macavity from Walsall, Casper from Plymouth, and Dodger from Bridport, Dorset
'Bionic' cat Oscar from Jersey - mobile again after losing two feet in an accident

From Scotland - Fleetwood who's personally visited 100 pubs
Felix of Mayflower II - aboard during the 1957 re-creation of the voyage of the Pilgrim Fathers
Kitty the Backpacker - trekking 1000s of miles from the US to the southern tip of Argentina
Cooper - Seattle's photographer extraordinaire

Ship's cat Pwe twice overcame disaster while en route for Cape Horn in the '50s
Halifax over-wintered in the ice of the high Arctic in the '90s
Chibley of the sail-training barque Picton Castle sadly died in 2011, a few months after completing
her 5th round-the-world voyage, but now there's George

Bree - Pacific sailor
Gauguin - rescued from a South Pacific island
From Wales - The Ginger Darlings walk up to four miles a day
Nigeraurak - Arctic explorer and survivor, Karluk expedition, 1913-14

Mishka the Kosovo refugee cat, smuggled to Canada from the Balkan conflict
Molly from the Deli-cat-essen in NY + Precious, a survivor of 9/11
Three tales - two lucky escapes and an astonishing journey
Two more lucky escapes - Ashley and Carlsberg
Lucky rescued from a freezing Montana river + Emily from Wisconsin who found herself in France

Cats in Wartime

Wartime Cats - on Land and in the Air
Wartime Cats - at Sea

The Animals in War Memorials in London and Canberra + other tributes
PDSA Animal Cemetery at Ilford

In the midst of the Vietnam war Meo, the Cat from Hué found a friend and safety
Two 19th century mascots from the Crimean War and the American Civil War

and in Famous Felines you'll find
Simon of HMS Amethyst - awarded the Dickin Medal in 1949

Church Cats

Pushkin of the Birmingham Oratory met Pope Benedict in 2010
In Somerset Louis and Maisie are neighbours - Louis at Wells cathedral and Maisie at the
Bishop's Palace; living close by is Pangur

Inigo and Jones of the Actors' Church (St Paul's), Covent Garden, London

From Canterbury Cathedral and St Patrick's RC Church, Edinburgh respectively, meet Laptop and Fred
Doorkins and Hodge of Southwark Cathedral, London
The Cats of Salisbury Cathedral

Samuel Emmanuel of Southern Pines, North Carolina
Church of the Advent at Boston, Massachusetts + First United Methodist Church, Victoria, Texas
Vesper of St Mary of the Angels, Hollywood, California

Miss Mac, Ko-Ko and Mungojerrie of Dunsop Bridge, Lancashire
Tom of St Mary Redcliffe, Bristol
Tiddles of Fairford, Gloucestershire + Reverend Red of Clapham, West Sussex

Also read about Faith, the London Church Cat in the WW2 Blitz in Famous Felines

Unknown church cat, possibly from Germany We also wanted to show this image of another church cat (click to enlarge it) which was seen online but with no information about who/where/when it was. Possibly it may originate from Germany but we're not sure, so if any readers have further details, please let us know.

Library Cats

Pages dedicated to library cats worldwide, past and present — further additions always welcome
Three pages of American Library Cats
Canadian Library Cats
Library Cats from New Zealand and Australia
Library Cats in the UK
European Library Cats

Library cats - general history, society, job description, and rules

and in Famous Felines the best-known library cat of all,
Dewey Readmore Books from Spencer Library, Iowa


The Summit Cats of Mount Washington Observatory, New Hampshire
The Cats of Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada

Museum Cats

Oswald is cat-in-charge at the Smith Art Gallery & Museum at Stirling in Scotland
Jock at Chartwell - the home of Sir Winston Churchill
Cats at The Alamo in Texas
Cats at the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum - Key West, Florida

Guarding treasures at The Hermitage (Winter Palace) - St Petersburg, Russia
Le cimetière des chiens - Asnières-sur-Seine, Paris - thought to be the oldest pet cemetery in the world
Rodent Control Officers Clara & Erik - Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Percy Katz of the Joplin Museum Complex, Missouri now has companions Crystal and Roxie
Warbird Bob supervised restoration of vintage aircraft in Florida, a B-17 bomber being his favourite
Smudge from the People's Palace at Glasgow, a full card-holding member of the GMB Union

'Trolley Cats' - Trolley Museum, Fort Smith, Arkansas
A virtual museum . . . but Max and Maxine are real
Recalling Blackie of the Koshare Indian Museum, La Junta, Colorado

and in Famous Felines,
Mike & Black Jack of the British Museum, London

Practice Cats

Indy of the Discovery Bay Veterinary Hospital in California, and his predecessor Annie
Clinic cats Mr Squeakers of Dauphin, Canada and Wirus, of Wroclaw, Poland
Oscar and Buckwheat - cats in two care homes who predict death
Clinic cats at Norman, Oklahoma and El Paso, Texas

Working Cats

This sub-section has its own index page: take the Working Cats link above

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Our featured feline at the head of the page is Socks, pictured in 2003 surveying his 'estate' in the early morning sunshine. Affectionately known as Soxy, he blossomed from a thin and hungry stray into a substantial and handsome cat who loved life and company, and his gentle ways endeared him to many friends. He's no longer with us, but you can read more from his human companion here.

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