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Working Felines: Police Cats 4



Sammy Pickles

South Carolina

Police cat Pringles, late of the Newberry County Sheriff's Office, Newberry, South Carolina

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Police cat Pringles, late of Newberry County Sheriff's Office, SC Pringles, a handsome lady, mostly white, was a stray in an animal shelter back in about 2004 or 2005 when she was adopted by an 'inmate trustee'. Having been spayed and vaccinated, she was then given permission to join the inmate while he worked at the sheriff's office in Newberry, South Carolina. At first she liked to eat Pringles potato chips (crisps), which is how she gained her name. She became a fixture at the office, having her own bowl with 'Her Highness' painted on the side, while staff members contributed to a 'Pringles Food Fund' to pay for her canned food and treats.

Pringles, late of Newberry County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina The time came when the office moved to new premises, and as with many animals Pringles didn't like that idea. After being taken in her carrier to the new site, she bolted and disappeared into nearby woods. She was missing for several weeks — and was eventually found at the old office location. Back where she belonged, 'She's well adjusted, well taken care of and she thinks she owns this trailer park,' said Sheriff Lee Foster. She had a collar with her own custom ID tag showing her name, although to her friends she was affectionately known as The Deputy Cat. Her duties were to greet people and give love (she was very friendly), and to keep out rodents, which she was very good at, having even seen off a possum near the car park.


2021. In mid-February a message came from Andy Stout to say that, sadly, Lt Pringles 'had ended her tour of duty' after some 17 years. She hadn't eaten for two days, was growing steadily weaker, and the vet felt it best to put her to sleep. She was buried outside the dispatch office, with a little memorial stone, and a picture of her was going to be hung in the front office.

Sammy Pickles, of Newberry County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina Sammy Pickles, of Newberry County Sheriff's Office, South Carolina 2022. In November Andy was in touch again, to say that a new recruit had been taken on. One of the deputies was out in a rural area, and when he got out of his car to do a foot patrol, a small kitten appeared and jumped into the vehicle! She was very friendly but had no collar, so he brought her back to the office to be safe. She was so affectionate that it was thought she must have an owner, but despite enquiries over several weeks none was found. So she's taken over the duties of greeter, morale booster and rodent control. Half of people wanted to call her Sammy, and the other half Pickles — so now she's called Sammy Pickles.

Whereas her predecessor Pringles spent a lot of time outdoors, Sammy likes to be indoors, roaming around the whole station, visiting everyone and sitting on people's laps while they do paperwork. When she wants to go out she'll sit by a door and meow till someone opens it; and if she finds an open car door outside, she'll be straight in there exploring!

Many thanks to Andy for keeping us updated.


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