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From the archive: December 2006 Review

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Ukraine 2005, from set of Regional Costumes part 4 There have not been so many cats on actual new stamps since last September, but there are a few, and some labels and booklets for those (like me) who collect such items. Looking first at the stamps, the Ukraine has issued a series of attractive ones showing traditional regional costumes, and in the first group, from 2002, a cat appeared on one stamp (see December 2003 review). A second feline is to be seen on one of the fourth set, issued in December 2005.

Taiwan Pets 2006: Abyssinian cat Taiwan Pets 2006: Norwegian Forest cat Another series that has continued is the 'pets' from the Republic of China (Taiwan); the latest quartet (part 3), from August this year, has an Abyssinian cat (left) and a Norwegian Forest cat (right), with a Pomeranian and a Yorkshire terrier as the dogs.

Enlarged detail, Netherlands 2006: Beautiful Holland MS for Woudrichem Netherlands 2006: Beautiful Holland MS for Woudrichem Last time I mentioned a miniature sheet (MS) from TPGPost — now rebranded as TNTPost — of the Netherlands featuring the town of Leiden and including a little cat. Another, similar MS in the same 'Beautiful Holland' series depicts a place called Woudrichem, described as 'a well-preserved medieval town in the heart of the country'. On this sheet, too, there is a slightly smaller version of the same cat, next to a fisherman.
Note: yet more cats were discovered 'hiding' on other sheetlets in this series. See our September and December reviews in 2007.

Netherlands 2006: Young Animals Also from TPGPost came a strip of five self-adhesive NVIs ('no value indicated') inscribed 'post betaald' (postage paid) and picturing young animals. I do not know the date of issue of these. There are puppies, a white rabbit, a duckling, a foal, and the tabby kitten shown here.

Belgium: set of Duostamps with Garfield, the cartoon cat, 2006 Belgium: MS for Belgica 2006 exhibition Belgium continues to produce its Duostamps quite frequently; recent ones include a second group devoted to cartoon cat Garfield (there was an earlier one in 2004) and a group of five Disney animals, one of which is a kitten. The same country staged the international stamp exhibition Belgica 2006 during November, and to mark the occasion issued a special MS including the same feisty kitten that was on an earlier MS (see review for December 2004).

Great Britain: label from Smilers sheet for Belgica 2006 exhibition Great Britain's Royal Mail's presence at Belgica 2006 was marked by a new sheetlet of the popular 'Smilers'. Twenty of the earlier 'Hello' stamps are attached to labels in five different designs and two colours, red and yellow. One label design has a cat and dog, as shown here.

France: Cubitus the dog and Senechal the cat, Sourires, 2006, stamp France: Cubitus the dog and Senechal the cat, Sourires, 2006, booklet cover France has also come up with another set in its own 'Sourires' ('Smiles') series; the first was in October 2005 and featured Philippe Geluck's cartoon character 'Le Chat'. The latest group, released in September 2006, is devoted to some of the adventures of a good-natured, fat, fuzzy, white dog called Cubitus, who is very popular in France and other European countries and has been seen in numerous books and TV cartoons. The characters' names vary in different countries, but in France the dog lives in the suburbs with his master, an old retired sailor called Semaphore. His next-door neighbour, and worst enemy, is a black-and-white cat named Sénéchal, who appears on a couple of the self-adhesive stamps (above left) and also on the booklet cover (above right).

Cover of Swiss Pro Juventute booklet, Nov 2006 Another booklet hails from Switzerland and was issued in mid-November; this was the annual Pro Juventute ('For Youth') set. There are no cats on the stamps inside, although there is a dog; but on the cover are a smiling human couple and a friendly collection of animals — including a cat — and a little bird.

Argentina: label with cat from 2006 Dogs sheetlet Lastly another label: in 2005 Argentina issued a much acclaimed sheetlet of cat stamps, and in May 2006 there appeared a similar sheetlet of six stamps showing dogs. So why am I writing about that here? — well, at the foot of the sheet are two cartoon labels, one picturing a cat up a tree with a dog below. I rather think the cat is smiling!

So far I haven't seen or heard of many Christmas stamps, and none with cats, so here are a couple of festive issues from previous years. From left to right below: Norway 1987, Ghana 1998, Iceland 1990, Palau 1991, and St Vincent 1998.

Norway, 1987: Christmas stamp Ghana, 1998: Christmas stamp Iceland, 1990: Christmas stamp Palau, 1991: Christmas stamp St Vincent, 1998: Christmas stamp


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