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Unknown DOB — 8 August 2005

Poppy, 2004

Poppy's 'Mum' is writing this small tribute to her: I put together the Purr 'n' Fur pages for my brother Patrick's material.

Poppy was one half of my feline companions until late last night when she fell victim to a passing car. She'd been with me exactly ten years: I was reminding her only yesterday that it was the anniversary of the day I had brought her from a rescue shelter to her new home . . . not that she seemed particularly interested in this news! Possibly about two years old when she came into my life that day, little did I know how much a part of it or how special she would become.

Reams could be written about Poppy and her exploits since then, not least how infuriating she could be at times; but suffice to say the place already seems so empty and quiet without her larger-than-life presence and constant 'chat': Pops was such a talkative and expressive cat, intelligent and affectionate, a formidable mouser, and extremely pretty . . . which she knew full well incidentally, and used to advantage. One gaze from that angelic face and any misdemeanours could be instantly forgiven. If there was such a thing as a purring championship she would have won hands down, both for volume and length of time without stopping.

I loved Poppy to bits, and she'll be greatly missed: by me especially, but also by her 'brother' Socks and others who knew her.
Rest in peace, sweetheart.

AJ, 8 August 2005

NOTE: a desktop wallpaper with a different image of Poppy is available, and you'll find some more of our feline friends there too.

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