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Cat Fonts and Dingbats

A small collection of cat-related fonts to download, all either including cat outlines or with 'cat names'.

For anyone unfamiliar with dingbat fonts or fontbats, they're usable like any other regular font once installed on your system, and are then available to any application that uses fonts; but instead of producing A-B-C etc, a picture outline is produced. These are small, scaleable vector graphics which can be resized and coloured to suit, and (with a suitable programme) manipulated in many other ways with effects and filters.

Each font name below indicates whether it's a regular font (a 'normal' text font), a dingbat, or fontbat/dingfont; and a small sample is also provided.

Dingbat fonts include picture outlines only, with no text elements, so you couldn't use them to 'write' anything with.

On the other hand, fontbats (often called dingfonts) can be used to make banners, headers or special display features as they do contain an alphabetic element: a regular text letter will be attached to or combined with a dingbat outline (e.g. Cat Cat or Catstuff) or the letters themselves are formed from a dingbat element (e.g. Carrie Catt). Note that fonts of this type will not normally include a full character set: frequently, though not always, punctuation, numbers and special characters may be missing.

All titles are in TTF (True Type Font) format. Download the zip file, unzip the contents, and install the font on your system. If you are unsure how to do any of this, there are many pages to be found online which will assist.

You should abide by any terms of use specified by the font designer: if applicable, these are normally to be found in a readme file in the zip downloaded.

Font name Sample Download zip
by Barb Johnson
Ali-Cat sample
Download Ali-Cat font
by Soft Horizons
Carrie Catt sample
Download CarrieCattSH font
Cat Cat
Author unknown
Cat Cat sample
Download Cat Cat font
by Darrian/Glenda Moore
Catstuff sample
Download Catstuff font
by GemFonts
CattArt sample
Download CattArt font
Cat Treats
by London Stokes
Cat Treats sample
Download Cat Treats font
by Anke-Art
Catty sample
Download Catty font
by Sokratype
Regular (caps)
Catwalk sample
Download Catwalk font
Kitty Kat Love
by Artsy Lady
Kitty Kat Love sample
Download Kitty Kat Love font
KittyPrint AOE
by Astigmatic One Eye
KittyPrint AOE sample
Download KittyPrint AOE font
Kitty the Cat
by House of Lime
Kitty the Cat sample
Visit author's site to download (taking link for Dings)

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