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Cats' Adventures & Travels

Public Transport — Rail, Trains, Trams etc


The Train Rider from Scarborough, North Yorkshire

The North Bay Railway is a miniature line running at Scarborough, a well-known holiday and seaside resort on Britain's North Yorkshire coast, and one terminus is by the town's Sea Life Centre, a marine sanctuary. Percy, a large and friendly black cat, liked to take the train, especially in summer, from near his home in Peasholm Park and ride the 3/4 of a mile (just over a kilometre) to the Centre.

His owners, Anne and Yale Michael, were astonished when in October 2009 they read in their local newspaper, the Scarborough News, of their 7-year-old cat's travels — especially when they found he'd been making his trips for about three years! He was so well known at the station that he'd been provided with his own piece of carpet for snoozing on. Phil Hart, a guard on the railway, said, 'Percy just hops on and off the trains and knows exactly what times they run. The passengers love him and make a fuss of him. He's a lovely cat.' His owners said he revelled in the attention!

Percy the train-riding cat with Sea Life Centre employee Jess Tile, Scarborough, North Yorkshire
Percy the train rider from Scarborough, North Yorkshire

When he reached the Sea Life Centre Percy liked to sit on a wall by the entrance and sneak in along with the visitors, according to manager Tamsin Mutton-McKnight. She said he was never any trouble — in fact, was better behaved than some visitors. He particularly liked to watch the penguins — although that scared them a bit and they didn't like him very much — and the fish in tanks. 'He just plonks himself down and watches them,' said Tamsin. 'He never tries to get in any of the tanks, even though some have open tops, and we never have any problems with him.'

Percy uses the North Bay Railway, a miniature steam line running at Scarborough, North Yorkshire Percy the cat visits the Scarborough Sea Life Centre Percy the cat stopping by the tanks at Scarborough Sea Life Sanctuary Percy the cat at the penguin enclosure Percy the cat watching the penguins at Scarborough Sea Life Centre Percy the train-riding cat from Scarborough, North Yorkshire

When he'd seen enough Percy just hopped on a train for the return journey and went back home. In winter he stayed at home more and 'spends most of his time asleep on my bed, preparing for the next season,' said Mrs Michael. 'He came from a farm and has always been something of a free spirit. He loves to get out and about and is always losing the tags with our phone number on. But he always makes it home in the end.'

From 2009 to date (October 2013) we've seen nothing more about Percy apart from a short comment from his owner earlier in the year (see video clip links below) from which it seemed this handsome black cat was still riding the train!


Video clips

  • Animal Planet's Cats 101 strand featured a short film of Percy riding the train and visiting the Sea Life Centre in one of its broadcasts, probably in 2010, but it seems this may have been part of a slightly longer feature about Domestic Shorthairs. Their website has the Domestic Shorthairs clip online, but unfortunately the footage of Percy isn't included apart from a brief shot of him at home with Anne and Yale Michael.
    The full footage is available on the Russian video channel RuTube, but note that it's over-dubbed with a Russian commentary.
    More recently a clip appeared at YouTube with the original dialogue and commentary, though it's apparently a recording of a TV screen and the broadcast also has subtitling.
  • Also at YouTube is a very short (silent) clip from 2009 of Percy at the terminus near the Sea Life Centre: Percy - The Scarborough Station Cat. In the comments Percy's owner responded in about Feb/Mar 2013 to an enquiry about how he was doing: '... he is OK, he still visits the Sealife Centre and hops on the train for a ride, he is a bit more grumpy these days!! '

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