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Fabled Felines

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Fabled Felines is, if you will, the fictional equivalent of the Famous and Featuring sections of our site. We have Charles Perrault's Puss in Boots story; the tale of Dick Whittington and his cat; the Bremen Town Musicians, by the Brothers Grimm; one of Jean de la Fontaine's fables that includes a cat; the possible origins of Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat; from Latvia the tale of Puss's Water Mill; and one or two other articles.

There are also photographs and an account of my visit to the Ypres Cat Festival (Kattenstoet) in Belgium during 2003; it's included because it draws together a number of strands of the cat's place in history and legend. The festival is held every three years, the next due in May 2024: several readers kindly contributed their photos of the 2006 festival.


The Ypres Cat Festival (Kattenstoet)
including many photos from the 2003 Festival.
Also a separate gallery of images from the 2006 Festival kindly contributed by readers

Two other Cat Festivals
at Catskill, New York State, USA, and at Lloret de Mar, Spain

Possible origins of Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat

Dick Whittington and his Cat
the myth and the reality

The Story of Puss in Boots

The Bremen Town Musicians

The Cat who became Head Forester

Puss's Watermill

The Marsh Cat of Parkgate

The Fables of Jean de La Fontaine


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Our featured feline at the head of the page: it was with great regret that I decided to let Pushkin be 'put to sleep' early in 2006, following intractable health problems, a gloomy prognosis and a much diminished quality of life. He was a 'rescue cat' of uncertain age, but I would guess 12 years or more. He will be remembered with great affection as a cat with perfect manners: a gentle soul who seemed even more inscrutable than the average feline. There's a small tribute to him here.

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